As a responsible drone user, you should always follow the Drone Code and fly your drone safely

You can download a copy of the Drone Code here

When flying near to churches, please bear in mind:

  • You do not have an automatic right to fly over or close to the building

  • You should never fly close to the building when it is being used

  • A drone could damage the structure that has stood for hundreds of years - repairs are expensive

  • In most circumstances, when approached correctly, the minister of the church will grant permission to fly

If you fly any drone over 250g in weight then you need to register on the CAA database
You can find it here

To get the best images of a church:

  • Try to fly early morning or early evening for the best light

  • Don't fly too high or you lose detail

  • Don't fly too close as we need to see the whole building

  • Images look best from an angle of about 45 degrees although always capture a top down shot too

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